Hampton Inn & Suites
Ft. Myers, FL

Project Included:
Sealcoat and Linestripe

Problem: Left untreated, asphalt pavement that holds the pavement together begins to oxidize and weather soon after installation. Moisture penetrates the asphalt causing further damage and deterioration to the pavement. Asphalt color will change from that deep, rich black to chalky white and becoming hard and brittle.

Solution: Pavement sealer replenishes the binder that is lost through weathering and aging, and provides protection against environment distress.

Our Sealcoating Mix Offers Superior protection

  • Protecting from Oxidation
  • Protection From Moisture
  • Protection From Chemicals

Perlis Plaza
Americus, GA

Project included:
Sealcoat 330,000 square feet
Crack and pothole repairs

  • Sealcoating seals the asphalt pavement,
    preventing the oxidation and erosion of the top
    layer of asphalt.  
  • Sealcoating replaces fine particles lost from the
    asphalt surface due to oxidation.
  • Sealcoating seals the small cracks that can turn
    into large cracks
  • Sealcoating helps prevent water from seeping
    down to the base material.
  • Sealcoating helps protect asphalt from the sun
    and the harmful effects of chemical spills such as
    oil and gasoline.
  • Sealcoating provides an attractive black surface
    that is ideal for painting lines and other markers.
  • Sealcoating leaves a smooth, clean surface ideal
    for sweeping, lowering cleaning costs.  
  • Sealcoating costs pennies per sqare foot,
    compared to dollars per square foot to repair or
    replace damaged asphalt.